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IF-121G Grey Wooden Bunk Bed (Twin/Twin)

IF-121G Grey Wooden Bunk Bed (Twin/Twin)

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Looking for a durable bunk bed that'll grow with your family? Introducing our line of solid wood bunk beds! All our wooden bunk beds are made of solid wood and reinforced throughout the frame for added support. The wooden bunk beds are also able to separate and create two individual beds, as the kids grow the bunk bed is able to repurpose itself.
Don't let the 'cozy' living spaces in modern cities get you down, get the most efficient use out of your space with a dynamic multi-level sleeping bed frame. The beds are designed in a platform base style meaning you don't need a boxspring and can use mattress directly. The bunk bed is primarily designed for children and the top bunk has a weight capacity up to 200lbs, the bottom bunk is more stabilized and has a higher capacity.
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*Mattress Not Included*



This bed is made of a solid wood blend and reinforced throughout the frame for added support and study foundation The base of the bed is made up of several slats creating a platform style frame which removes the need for boxsprings



Sturdy wooden ladder is secured into the bunkbed for easy and safe access to top bed The top bed can be removed from the bottom to create two separate individual use for versatility in the future


80'L x 42'W x 71'H

Product Details

Availability  In stock
Material Solid wood blend
Colour Grey
Condition Brand new, factory direct
Warranty 1-year manufacturer warranty
Assembly Required Yes
Options Single/Twin + Single/Twin
Package Pieces 2
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